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Ruby: Amanita Muscaria Microdoses

Ruby: Amanita Muscaria Microdoses

Feel the magic in the world around you 🍄✨

Amanita is the Queen of Mushrooms. She helps you feel grounded and connected to your truth when the world around you seems chaotic. Think of Amanita like a supportive friend, lifting you up when you're down, letting you know everything will be okay and encouraging you to show up in the world as your authentic self.

Some people call Amanita the "now mushroom". This is because she helps you release traumas and guilt of the past as well as anxiety about the future, so you can live in the present moment. It is in the "now" where magic exists, where opportunities present themselves and synchronicities flourish.

If you work with Amanita long enough, you may also notice that you are able to manage your emotions and actions more easily. This is no accident! Amanita helps raise your consciousness and claim your inner power, giving you the strength to make decisions more easily and create the life you truly desire.

RUBY is a decarboxylated and then encapsulated form of Amanita mushrooms. This means it contains more magic and less side effects than just dried mushrooms. Every batch is also made slowly and with intention. I believe if you treat the Amanita mushroom with respect, it will return the favor.

All mushrooms are foraged by me in the Pacific Northwest in the USA. This is to ensure every mushroom is sourced from a pristine and natural area.

The 250mg variety comes with 50 capsules and is best for beginners or those who are more sensitive to Amanita.

The 500mg variety comes with 50 capsules and is best for those who want a bit more magic or who are more tolerant to Amanita.

The sample tin contains 10 capsules and is best for those who are unsure if Amanita will work for them. It only comes in the 500mg variety.

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⏱ 2023 harvest

🌲 Each mushroom is wild foraged by hand in the lush forests of Washington, USA

✨ Traditional methods of decarboxylation are used to reduce side effects and increase potency. This process includes drying, acidifying, and simmering mushrooms for 3+ hours to convert all the ibotenic acid into muscimol.

🍄 All mushrooms are dehydrated low and slow before processing

❄️ Capsules are kept frozen before shipment to maintain potency past harvest season

🍠 Dyed with organic beet powder to differentiate them from your other mushrooms :)

♻️ Eco-friendly packaging and 1% is donated to help protect old-growth forests


Wild Foraged Amanita Muscaria Mushroom Extract, Organic Rice Powder, Organic Beet Powder (for color), Citric Acid, Vegan Pullulan Capsules

How to Use

Take 1-2 capsules morning or evening with a glass of fresh water. 

Amanita seems to have a reverse tolerance, meaning you need less of it over time to give you the same benefits. We recommend you start taking it daily for 1-2 weeks straight, then taper down until you only need to take it occasionally for a "boost".

The tin should last you 1-2 months.

*Use as directed. Do not exceed 4 capsules a day. For use by those aged 18 and up only. Not approved to be used by pregnant or nursing women.

Read: How to Microdose Amanita Muscaria

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All orders ship from Washington, USA

Due to the nature of the product, I can only ship within the US and Canada.

Returns: Happiness guaranteed! Returns accepted within 30-days.

Lab Results

500mg capsules: muscimol: 0.5mg/g, ibotenic acid: 0mg/g

Detailed Lab Results

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  • Confidence

    Amanita helps you overcome mental fears and feel more social with others.

  • Mood Boost

    Most people report an uplift in mood and a more positive outlook on their life.

  • Mental Balance

    Stability of one's emotions and body is commonly noted by Amanita microdosers.

  • Calm Mind

    Muscimol helps quiet an overactive mind and give a sense of peacefulness.

  • Restful Sleep

    Amanita can help you fall asleep faster and rest more deeply so you wake up feeling refreshed.

  • Vivid Dreams

    Many people report having vivid, lifelike and lucid dreams when working with Amanita.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
Wendi Aurora
Clarity and Motivation

I LOVE Luminita! I feel so clear and focused all day. So much motivation, elevated mood. Tara is an amazing and kind human! Thank you!

Just what I wanted

These are well made and good quality. One capsule is exactly what I’m looking for, to help open up something within me in the slightest. Two was too much. But I’m glad I tried. Excited for this journey and that these are available. Thanks so much for putting out this quality product.

Great Experience

The doses helped me take the edge off and have been amazing for meditating, self-growth work, or simply relaxing. I've recommended them to a couple friends already. After a capsule or two, I feel much more centered and able to have difficult conversations calmly. Beautiful mushroom.

Best mind reset ever

Luminita microdosing has led to the best cognitive month I've had in years. My ADHD and ODD are much improved. My mood is better than in years. People are commenting that I "seem different." They mean it in a great way.

I'm back to getting things done instead of being caught in a distraction loop.

Scott C
Amazing product!

At 60+ years old, my energy and mood have been declining. After only one week of this wonderful capsule, both energy and outlook are better than they have been in years. Thank you so much!


What is Luminita?

Luminita is a microdosed form of Amanita muscaria, the most widely recognized mushroom in the world.

We believe Amanita muscaria is one of the most powerfully healing mushrooms in existence and so you only need to take small amounts to see incredible benefits. That's why we are a big proponent of taking Amanita in microdoses instead of in large "trip" dose.

What does it feel like?

When taking the recommended serving size, the effects you feel will be sub-perception, so you won't feel high.

That said, if you take luminita in the morning, you may feel more energized, focused, happy and overall more confident in yourself.

If taken before bed, you may feel calm and relaxed, with a good change of vivid dreams as you slumber.

Over time, Amanita muscaria helps you feel centered and at peace with yourself and the world around you.

Is it safe?

Misinformation claims that muscaria is a toxic mushroom, bound to cause intestinal discomfort and hallucinations.

Ibotenic acid and overconsumption cause most, if not all, of these effects. When ibotenic acid is fully decarboxylated into muscimol and taken as a microdose, Amanita muscaria has been shown to have anti-inflammatory, memory enhancing and stress reducing properties.

Read more about the healing benefits of Amanita on our studies page.

What is decarboxylation?

Decarboxylation occurs when the predominant molecule in raw Amanita muscaria mushrooms, ibotenic acid, is broken down into the molecule that has been shown to have healing properties, muscimol. With Amanita muscaria, this can occur with a combination of drying, acidifying or fermenting over several days.

We believe in the collective knowledge of our ancestors. They discovered the mushroom needed to be dried and made into a tea or wine before consumption.

We follow this wisdom by decarboxylating all our mushrooms before encapsulation.

Learn more about what decarboxylation is and why it's important on our blog post.

How much should I take?

We believe amanita muscaria is more healing at microdose levels. Every person is different, so you will need to find your own perfect dose.

Start with 1 capsule for a few days and then check in with yourself. If you don't feel any different, increase, if you start to feel irritable or notice any changes in perception, reduce.

What time of day should I take it?

You can either take your microdose in the morning or evening.

If you take it in the morning, you might feel confident, in control and calm - perfect for taking on a stressful day.

If you take it in the evening, you might feel calm, relaxed and sleepy - perfect for having a restful sleep.

Is it a psychdel*c?

No. RUBY does not contain any psilocyb*n or any other psychedel*c ingredients. Instead it contains muscimol, a unique molecule with an entirely different profile of effects.

Muscimol also acts on the GABA receptor in the brain, not serotonin receptors, and provides a calming and grounding effect.

Is it legal?

In the USA, Yes, but not everywhere.

Amanita muscaria is legal in most countries and states around the world, including in the USA. However, it is illegal in the Netherlands, Thailand, Australia, Romania and in one US state - Louisiana.

Read our blog post to see a map of where Amanita is legal.

Can this interact with medications?

At this time we do not know how it reacts with all other psychoactive substances, so please talk with your physician.

We do know that muscimol acts on the GABAa and somewhat at the GABAc receptor location in the brain. Thus, it's not recommended to combine Amanita with medications or substances that act on GABA receptors (i.e., don't mix with alcohol or benzodiazepines).

Anecdotally, we also know you must not take amanita with red wine.

Who shouldn't take Luminita?

Amanita muscaria should only be consumed by people who are adults and can handle the changes that may come with taking a mind altering substance. Thus, anyone under 18 years old should not take Amanita. 

Additionally, we don't know enough about how it interacts with pregnancy, so anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid working with Amanita until we know more.

Is refrigeration required?

The tins last about 3 months at room temperature.

If you think you will take a while to get through the full tin, I recommend you refrigerate (or even better freeze) the capsules to preserve potency.

I keep all capsules frozen before shipment to ensure yours will last as long as possible upon arrival.

Do you ship internationally?

To a few places!

Currently, I ship to: USA (except Louisiana), Canada and Norway.

Message me at if you’d like me to ship to your country :)

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