1. Wild Foraged

Harvesting mushrooms by hand in their natural environment reduces the need to clear land for farmland. It also allows the mushrooms to form a symbiotic relationship with the trees, allowing the forests to grow stronger and sequester more CO2.

2. Recylced Paper

Due to the damage harvesting of virgin wood has on our forests, we have chosen to use 100% recycled paper for all of our paper products (paper inserts included)

3. Plastic Free

New research has shown the harm plastic can have on our health, ocean ecology and our soils. We have chosen to remove as much plastic as possible from our products.

4. Protect Old-Growths

Old growth trees store more carbon in proportion to their size than young trees. We help protect these ancient species by donating 1% of our profits to protect old growth forests from being cut down.

5. Support Local

Our kitchen in located in Seattle Washington and all of our mushrooms are collected here in the PNW. Buying local means you are helping reduce carbon emissions by reducing the need to ship items around the world.