The world is magic, Amanita helps you experience it.

  • Confidence

    Muscimol (the active molecule in Amanita) helps reduce stress and increase dopamine, resulting in increased confidence and sociability with others.

  • Mood Boost

    Most microdosers report an uplift in mood and a greater appreciation for themselves and the world around them.

  • Mental Balance

    Stability of one's emotions and body is commonly noted by Amanita microdosers.

  • Calm Mind

    Muscimol acts on the GABA neurons in our brain to help quiet an overactive mind and give a sense of peacefulness.

  • Restful Sleep

    Muscimol has been shown to help you fall asleep faster and rest more deeply so you wake up feeling refreshed.

  • Vivid Dreams

    Amanita muscaria has an incredible ability to bring you lifelike and vivid dreams.

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We believe Amanita muscaria is not just any mushroom, it's THE mushroom

The mushroom that has enchanted us humans throughout history with its beautiful red cap and healing properties. It's no coincindence it's the most widely recognized mushroom in the world.

Why Luminita?

Wild harvested in Washington state

Each mushroom is hand picked in Washington, USA. By keeping it local, we can reduce our carbon emissions and ensure we only use high quality mushroom caps. In fact Washington is known for having mushrooms with the most amount of magic, so you can be sure your microdoses will actually work.

Fully decarboxylated

Every batch is fully coverted from ibotenic acid to muscimol using a traditional 3 step process that involves drying, adding acid and boiling for 3+ hours to ensure all ibotenic acid is converted into muscimol.

Consistent Potency

Mushrooms are notorious for having wildly different potencies between caps. We take the batch from the seasonal harvest and mix it together before processing to ensure each capsule has consistent amounts of muscimol.

Alcohol Free Blend

Amanita muscaria contains the active chemical, muscimol, which acts on the GABA receptor in our brains - the same receptor that alcohol acts on (that's why they both have a relaxing effect). Many people want to find an alternative to alcohol based tinctures to reduce any unwanted side effects with combing muscimol and alcohol.

Sustainable packaging

Our packaging was chosen to use the least amount of virigin resources, to be fully recyclable and plastic free. Specifically our capsules are enclosed in a lightweight and recyclable aluminum tin and then wrapped in a recycled paper mailer.

perfect amanita muscaria cap, red

What is Amanita Muscaria?

Amanita muscaria is a magical mushroom that has been used by humans for tens of thousands of years. It's famous for being the inspiration behind Alice in Wonderland, Mario and even Christmas.

Amanita was traditionally used in Siberia where it was consumed during winter to reduce seasonal depression and increase motivation.

Much of its knowledge was lost through time, but it has been rediscovered due to increased interest in natural medicines. Now research is coming out showing that when Amanita is taken regularly as a microdose it can help heal trauma and bring happiness back into people’s lives.

Amanita muscaria family

Why Amanita muscaria?

Amanita is known to create relationships and harmony within the forest by connecting the roots of trees together into a web. This web helps the trees communicate and share nutrients so they can grow strong. In return, Amanita gets their excess sugars so it too can flourish - even when nutrients are scarce.

By consuming microdosed amounts of the mushroom, we can gain the support to live more like them: 

- to socialize easily with others

- to feel balanced and strong

- to flourish even when things get tough

Amanita muscaria microdoses capsules

What makes Amanita magical?

Amanita contains a unique chemical called muscimol, which is found nowhere else in nature.

Unlike psychedelics and SSRI's (which act on Serotonin receptors), muscimol activates the GABA receptors in the brain. GABA acts like a brake to quiet an overactive mind and bring balance to the body.

Research has shown this is the key to Amanita's magic. By stimulating GABA, it can reduce stress, increase confidence, strengthen your mind, and even help you fall asleep.

Amanita muscaria is an incredibly powerful mushroom

So it only needs to be consumed in microdosed amounts to heal our mind and spirit.

  • Helped my mood

    I have had a great experience with amanita. I take it in the morning and always have a noticeably improved mood throughout the day. Highly recommend.

    - Kyle

  • Highly Recommend

    Service from this company has been exemplary. The product arrived in a timely manner. The effects are subtle but extremely effective. My anxiety has greatly decreased and productivity has increased dramatically. I highly recommend this product!!

    - Angie

  • So Grateful for Amanita

    These have been instrumental in my healing journey and continue to be. I know these guys have a subtle effect that helps me expand my mind and understanding. I’ve sent this to three friends now and they are loving them.

    - Renis

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